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“Cinema Pameer” uses a slice of everyday life in Kabul as a looking glass into Afghanistan today. The main focus is the cinema itself and the characters surrounding it, however the underlying reality surfaces time and again through everyday life. The war, a society in ruins and the pursuit and hope for something more. Something better.

A documentary that not only tells the story of the cinema itself – and the many inspiring characters surrounding it – but also take on the important task of showing an international audience how everyday life in a country torn apart can look, feel and eventually evolve. Using film and cinema, recognizable and relatable to people around the world regardless of geography, religion, culture or life circumstance.  Also, highlighting film as an accessible inspiration and catalyst for change even in the struggling and poor society of Afghanistan today.

“Cinema Pameer” is a film that on one hand tells the story of how film can act both as a temporary escape from hardships as well as an inspiration and means to gain new perspectives. On the other hand it tells the specific stories of the men who work there and the audience who keep coming back, day after day. The aim of the film is not to delve into Afghan history or its many conflicts. Because as much as that has and keeps affecting everyday life, it doesn´t necessarily define the country or its people. Instead this is a story about a place of escape and inspiration in a war torn city. Where living and surviving are two very different things.

Director & Photographer

In general, people like the cinema not only because it is a source of entertainment, but also a source of education. To me, the cinema is like a school and films are the books, Books that can educate.” -Said Chaleh


MARTIN VON KROGH – Director & Photographer

Martin started to travel at a young age with his camera. Already at the age of 18 he covered the second Intifada in the Middle East. He continued travelling and also studied and trained as a photographer during his military service at Värnpliktsnytt, a magazine about and by the Swedish Armed Forces. The publication is considered a solid starting point for many successful Swedish journalists.
His breakthrough came in 2004 after documenting the terrible destruction and aftermath of the Tsunami in Thailand, where he happened to be on vacation with his family. The pictures were published in Sweden’s largest newspaper Expressen, as well as many international publications, and went on to win numerous awards.
Martin has since then covered most modern day conflicts and natural disasters. In 2005 he signed with the American agency WpN. Through them he entered the international market and has worked with USA Today, Newsweek, Marie Claire, Sunday Times, to name a few.
He is currently residing in Stockholm after living several years abroad in Singapore and New Delhi. Upon returning to Stockholm he signed with Moment, a Scandinavian agency that is now also represented by Institute, based in London and Los Angeles. He also has a freelance contract with Expressen and is a brand ambassador for Nikon since 2006.
Moving image has become an increasing part of Martin’s work and since a few years back he alternates between film and still photography.


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Film production company based in Stockholm, Sweden, known for their belief in diversity, creativity and innovative thinking. Founded by cinematographer Mattias Montero and director Adam Berg.

Johan Lindström
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Herman Forsman


Herman’s editing is routed in his many years in music, both in the studio as a producer and on stage performing. When he made the transition from music to film he kept his approach to the subject at hand and has a free and objective way of looking at film.


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One of the leading post production companies in Sweden with well established experience in VFX and animation.

Red Pipe

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An award winning full-service audio production company focusing on sound design and music production.


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With Martin as a brand ambassador Nikon supplies the film production with a wide range of equipment.

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The Swedish Film Institute is tasked with encouraging Swedish film industry in a broad context on a national and international arena. It works in various areas to fund, distribute and promote launches of current Swedish feature, short and documentary films.



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